Spring 2018

It is now May 2018. The sun is shining and the leaves are all out on the trees. We have had three sets of delightful guests who have enjoyed the sunshine, the flowers, the hot tub and the tennis court.

Looking forward to the next set of people due very soon.

It is not too late too book for the summer holidays if you want to relax with friends or explore this beautiful corner of Britain.

Friends have found, liked and shared our website on Facebook, we are pleased with the comments and support they have shown. We are hoping to be able to take bookings from the beginning of the new season in Easter 2018. Today I was looking at 10 seater hot tubs, certainly something we would like to offer you at the Bull Pen. The birds on the bird table have been flocking to feed on the corn, grain and meal worms and in the drive there were 10 female and a dozen red headed cock pheasants all pecking under the hedge. We have to drive very slowly as they seem to forget they can fly and instead run along in front of the car! Nov 21st 2017