Green Box Studio and Events Planning

Whats inside the Green Box?

It depends what you are looking for!

A creative space for you to explore a new activity, develop a skill, create an original piece, attempt something new.

We will find the right person to lead you down the route you chose to explore or help you plan the event of your dreams. Elopement weddings for 2-10 guests, full wedding celebrations, private parties, christenings, family celebrations and creative workshops are all within our remit.

Here are some of things we can offer but if you have an idea of your own let us know and we will see what can be achieved.

Well being and Craft Sessions: Prices start at £45 per person. 10am-2pm. Additional £15 for lunch and a finish time of 3pm. Up to 6 people per session.

Forest Bathing

Yoga, mindfulness, relaxation

Wild ID…weeds, trees and wildflowers, birds, beasties and bugs

Paint and poems

Loom weaving

Paper making

Silk painting

Forage and ferment ( seasonal) Elder flower Champagne, Sloe Gin, Cider



Cup cake decorating

Fascinators and Favours